Informed Decision-Making: Flathead Water Solutions Handbook

The Flathead Water Solutions: Handbook for Decision-makers, highlighted in this post and also in the “Important Documents” section of this blog (left hand side of blog), is a tool for informed decision-making on the CSKT Compact that can be used going forward to create a REAL solution to the federal reserved water rights of the CSKT. We believe that the People’s Compact offers a “middle ground” solution that is a win-win for all.

Here is the handbook outline, with linked sections for your review.

  1. Flathead Water Solutions Tab 1 and Introduction
    • Introduction & Guide to use of notebook
    • Decision Matrix People’s Compact-CSKT Compact
    • MRWRCC charge description
    • Peoples Compact framework for legislation
    • Peoples Compact Federal Legislation  Flathead Water Settlement and Mending Fences Act of 2019
  3. Tab 3   Legal and Technical Analysis of the Unitary Management Ordinance/Law of Administration/CSKT Compact
    • Legal Analysis of the Unitary Management Ordinance
    • Engineering Analysis of the 2015 Proposed CSKT Compact
    • Supplemental Report on the 2015 Proposed CSKT Compact
    • Summary of Abell Case
    • CSKT Indian Claims Commission Findings & Stipulation Agreement
    • People’s Compact Quantification chart
    • People’s Compact Cost Summary
    • Comparison of CSKT and People’s Compact Settlement funds
    • Flathead Lake—4 pages—one pager, abstract, map
    • Constitutional Analysis
    • Why CSKT Compact can’t be tweaked
    • Flathead Irrigation and Power Project Irrigation Rehabilitation Program
    • Nez Perce—Snake River Basin Adjudication Analysis
  5. Tab 5 –US and CSKT 10,000 Claims Data Base
    • Treaty of Hellgate
    • History of Flathead Irrigation Project
    • Charts comparing MT and US  Indian Water Settlements
    • Synopsis of  CSKT Compact Legal Analysis of Richard A. Simms
    • Pamela Williams Letter regarding U.S. Liability re CSKT Compact
    • Final GAO audit letter request
    • 2014 CSKT v Everyone
    • Useful References
      • Reference List
      • Idaho v. Coeur de ’Alene

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